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Inclement Weather

If weather conditions make it unsafe for the trucks to collect garbage and recycling, collection will be cancelled until conditions improve to the extent that it is safe to resume collection throughout the area. Cancellations will be announced over local radio (FM101.9) and TV news broadcasts.

It must be safe for the collection trucks to complete their regular routes without endangering life or property; please be aware that conditions outside your own neighborhood may prevent the safe collection and transport of your materials, and that it must be safe for the drivers to pick them up.

If collection is cancelled for only one day, collection days are shifted one day later for the rest of the week, i.e., Friday rather than Thursday and Saturday rather than Friday.

If collection is cancelled for more than one day, cancelled collections will be made up on your next regular collection day, either the following week or the first following week that is safe to resume collection. In the case of these longer cancellations customers whose regular collection day is cancelled should bring their containers in off the curb until their next regular collection day.

Photo Details:

On March 2nd, 2009 we had our first mishap, in over 40 years, due to bad weather. While servicing the Lake Wynonah area, temperatures had dropped below freezing causing the roads to turn to ice.  Luckily, There were no injuries, no property damage and no fuel spilled as a result of this accident. The loaders were able to dismount the truck  when it initially began to slide.  Our driver was also at his best, managing to bring the truck to a slow crawl before ditching the truck to prevent the possibility of  probable property and personal damage.

The truck was recovered by Hammers Towing. After a few minor repairs (Broken turn signal and bent rear step) and a complete “once over” the truck was returned to service. 

We would like to thank the property owners of Lake Wynonah as well as its management for assisting us in this mishap. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to many years to come serving your community.

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