Potts & Monger Sanitation - Unacceptable Items

Unacceptable Items

Potts & Monger Sanitation, Inc. will not pick up certain items. These are items that the Department of Environmental Protection regulate and has deemed that the landfills may not accept these items. Therefore, we cannot pick these items up up in residential or commercial refuse.

These items are:

  1. Tires

  2. Appliances containing CFCs (Refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)

  3. Oversize brush & tree limbs

  4. Stumps

  5. Liquid waste (paints, automotive fluids, gasoline, antifreeze, etc.)

  6. Hazardous waste

  7. Batteries

  8. Aerosol cans or containers

  9. Propane or fuel tanks

  10. Barrels (Acceptable only if top and bottom are removed)

  11. Pool chemicals

  12. Industrial waste

Additional items include:

  1. Stone

  2. Burn Barrel waste

  3. Dirt

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