About Potts & Monger sanitation and the Potts family.

About Potts & Monger Sanitation

Potts  & Monger Sanitation, and the Potts family have been serving Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania areas for over 53 years.  We are a full-service waste management company offering residential, commercial, industrial and municipal services. We believe in professional service and building our customer relationships based on honesty and integrity.

Contact Us:

Phone: 570-345-6201

Fax: 570-345-3582

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Mailing Address:

50 Spruce Street.

Pine Grove, PA 17963

Office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Days of Service: Monday-Friday

We accept Visa / Mastercard / Discover

Potts & Monger Sanitation, Inc. is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to providing a working environment that protects the health and safety of all our employees.

We believe in maintaining a small family atmosphere with our employees, even though we continue to grow into one of the fastest growing trash hauling companies in the area.  Our growth is mainly contributed to the dedication, commitment, and personal service by our employees.

All Potts & Monger Sanitation Employees receive background and drug testing.

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