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Single Stream Curbside Recycling

With the ever-changing recycling markets today and Potts & Monger’s commitment to offering a comprehensive recycling program to its customers, we are developing a new recycling collection program in accordance with Schuylkill County mandated recycling. Information will be added as the final details are in place. Call our office at 570-345-6201 for any question until we can post the details.

Potts & Monger Sanitation, Inc. can also provide you with recycling bins for your convenience by contacting  us at (570) 345-6201.

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COLLECTION TIME - recyclables must be placed curb side for collection by 6am on your scheduled collection day.

PREPARATION - bottles, cans, and plastic may be mixed together in the recycle bin. All items must be empty, free of food residue, and no lids. The newspaper should be placed in a brown paper bag or bundled and tied with string and then placed next to the recycle bin. Do not over fill as the wind will distribute the papers around your neighborhood.

GLASS - we accept clear, green, and brown glass. DO NOT recycle dishes, light bulbs, drinking glasses, pyrex, ceramics or window glass. 

CANS - this includes aluminum, steel, tin, and bi-metal cans. 

PLASTICS - Primarily, this includes #1 and #2 plastics. We will also accept plastics #3 through #7 if the item is no larger then a laundry bottle. (plastics are marked on the bottom of the container in a triangle made of arrows-indicated in the arrows would be a #1 through #7 or marked with the initials PET or HDPE) 

NEWSPAPER - included with the recycling of newspaper would be any glossy print, junk mail, magazines, phone books, office/copy paper. Cardboard is acceptable but please bundle into stacks no bigger than 10 inches thick by 2 feet by 2 feet. DO NOT recycle any cartons which have a foil layer or have been contaminated with food residue. Do not include any Styrofoam. 

Please DO NOT over fill any containers - The material will fall out while we are servicing or will be blown around your neighborhood. We cannot be responsible if over loaded. 

Thank you for your business and environmental awareness!!!